Pictures from 2008 Tip to Tip

May 20, 2008

Well it’s over for another year – here is the link to the Flickr Page for 2008. If you have pictures please join and we can all see them. (Thanks Geoff)


The 2008 Itinerary

May 13, 2008

Here is a link to the itinerary

Maps and Trail Guide for the Trip

May 13, 2008

Here is a link to the best guides and maps

What to take on the ride – Cotton is Rotten

May 13, 2008

Here after 3 years of trial and error is the ideal kit to take:

Please pack light – 17 x 12 x 9″ – There are a lot of bags to carry as you ride. Here is the ideal list of stuff to take:

· Bathing suit for pool
· Clothes and pajamas for three nights
· Toiletries

Things to bring while cycling:
· Windbreaker jacket (water-proof preferably)
· NO JEANS (if they get wet, they weigh a ton)
· Sweat pants or wind pants
· A gel seat is highly recommended
· Helmet (mandatory)
· Tire pump
· Water bottle(s) – water will be provided
· Bike/Tire repair kit; extra tire tube recommended
· Insect repellant
· Sunscreen and Sunglasses
· Trail snacks
· Toilet paper
· Pain medication or medicinal rubs if you think you’ll need them
· Petroleum jelly
· Change of socks
· Biking gloves
· Ensure your name and address is on your gear to prevent confusion
· Camera
· Safety pins for your bib numbers (approximately 6)

Adam’s Way – In Memoriam

April 19, 2008

No one knew Adam Mermuys’ last ride would be a short cycle from St. Peter’s to Morell on the Confederation Trail in the spring of 2006. This picture was taken just before that last ride.

But shortly after that second annual Townships Project’s cross-Island Tip to Tip for Africa fundraiser, an event he chaired that year, he was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

Ten months later, he was gone.

Now, in memory of this amazing young Montague man, that special section of trail will be known as Adam’s Way. It is the first time such a Confederation Trail designation has been made.

Here is Adam’s Story written by Mary MacKay at the Guardian

The Confederation Trail – Best In Canada!

April 18, 2008

On April 8th, Destination Canada, which markets Canada primarily in the Nordic countries, has now published their top 7 cycling routes in Canada. Topping the list is Prince Edward Islands Confederation Trail.

Here is a link to the trail webiste and its gallery of pictures that I hope will give you a sense of what it is like to see the parts of PEI that only the Trail can offer.

Here is the map of the trail and here is a link to Vistor’s Guide Page for the Trail that has the full pdf so that you can see the map in more detail.

Tip to Tip – A Journey – Shannon Courtney

April 16, 2008

This is a friend of mine, Shannon Courtney, this is how she is thinking about what may unfold for her as she trains for Tip to Tip. If you have a story about this and would like to share it please let me know – Rob

“Every journey has a beginning, but we often miss the first steps of our own journey to an unknown destination.

We don’t realize that we are moving away from the familiar, towards something that will revive and redefine who we are. There are baby steps in the beginning. A thought that sneaks up from some unknown place in our subconscious or a dream that we can’t shake the next morning. Maybe a comment by a friend that strikes a nerve, or a piece of music that speaks to something deep within. We
don’t catch sight of it yet, it still hasn’t surfaced.

But if we are ready, then the synchronicities begin to emerge. It’s only chance that four people have mentioned that author’s book to me this week. Maybe I’ll check it out and see what it’s all about. Then there’s that writing workshop that’s coming up. I keep seeing notices for it everywhere, and then my old professor asked me if I was interested in going. How strange is that? Well, I have been dedicating a lot of time to my writing lately and I am looking for some guidance. I guess it couldn’t hurt to check out what a workshop is all about… We call them coincidences and flukes because it makes it easier for us to dismiss them OR accept them.

And then there’s a moment where everything shifts, where you realize that you have crossed the line between the familiar and the unfamiliar. Your heart began the journey awhile back and your head has just caught on to the fact. And when that happens, you are filled with such overwhelmingly contrasting emotions – fear and giddiness, anticipation and doubt, pride and shame. Then there’s the choice that your mind imposes – retreat or forge ahead. Ah, but if your heart has already begun the journey, there is nothing to be done but forge on. The heart will ALWAYS triumph over the logical mind in matters that involve the self’s evolution.

And so it is, that I have crossed over the line.

I have crossed the line before, most often my journeys have been leaps of faith that literally involved journeying to far off destinations. I think perhaps my first journey was when I moved to Ireland in 2003, but really that journey began a year and a half before I found the courage to get on a plane and move to another country where I knew not a single soul. That journey really began with me ending a relationship that was holding me back from my dreams of traveling the globe. Oh how the world opens up wide to embrace you when you choose to follow your dreams.

Now I am doing it again. I have set myself a challenge to bike 400 kilometers, from the Western tip of PEI to the Eastern tip of PEI. To my mind it seems a daunting challenge. I know there are athletes that would see it as a breeze, but I am not an athlete by any stretch of the imagination. And while I have been steadfastly dedicated to working out and eating well for quite a while now, this is still very much a leap for me.

Biking is not my forte. I am full of fears, mostly that I will injure myself, or my eyes will water constantly as they sometimes do at the most inopportune times. I worry that I will be last, that someone will have to keep coming to the back of the pack to make sure I’m still actually on my bike. I stress that my bike will give out on me and I’ll be stranded because my mechanical abilities have been absent since the day I was born. I worry that I won’t be able to sit or walk for days after the 4-day adventure.

But I am excited too. Almost giddy with anticipation. I LOVE a challenge. I thrive on setting a goal and reaching it. I decided, just ten days ago, that I would do the Tip to Tip for Africa, committing to not only completing the 400 kilometres, but also to raising at least $600 for the Townships Project.
This is what is driving me – if I am raising money for a worthy cause and people are so willing to support me, then I WILL complete my end of the bargain or injure myself trying (not planning on that, just trying to get a point across!).

Already, I have devised game plans for both fundraising and training, and things are happening. Call them coincidences or flukes, but I know they are synchronocities..opportunities and occassions that are presenting themselves because I AM ready for this journey.

And on that note, I will sign off. More to come re: my training and fundraising.