Here are the Tippers at the end of Tip 2007 – The weather Gods did not smile on us. The irony is that the poor weather pulled the group together and made the achievement even more special.

There is a wonderful alchemy at play here. When I did the ride in 06, on day 1, I was focused on me. (I have since shot my knee and can only cheer) Could I really do this? God my bum hurt etc. But some time durring day 2, I began to notice the rest of the group. A bond begun as I spent time chatting with someone next to me. The ride can be very social. I started to notice the countryside.

On day three, it all clicked. We had of course also been partying hard at night. The group closed up and I felt part of something very special. Last year, when the weather was bad, there were a number of people who had made up their mind that no matter what happened they were not going to quit andf the whole party got behind them.

The last day is a short one and a bit of a parade – easy peasy – we all stay together and we know that we have done it. It’s a fantastic feeling. There are few things that I have done where I have felt so good about myself and the group that I was in – we all joke about “The Love” but it was there big time.


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