What to take on the ride – Cotton is Rotten

Here after 3 years of trial and error is the ideal kit to take:

Please pack light – 17 x 12 x 9″ – There are a lot of bags to carry as you ride. Here is the ideal list of stuff to take:

· Bathing suit for pool
· Clothes and pajamas for three nights
· Toiletries

Things to bring while cycling:
· Windbreaker jacket (water-proof preferably)
· NO JEANS (if they get wet, they weigh a ton)
· Sweat pants or wind pants
· A gel seat is highly recommended
· Helmet (mandatory)
· Tire pump
· Water bottle(s) – water will be provided
· Bike/Tire repair kit; extra tire tube recommended
· Insect repellant
· Sunscreen and Sunglasses
· Trail snacks
· Toilet paper
· Pain medication or medicinal rubs if you think you’ll need them
· Petroleum jelly
· Change of socks
· Biking gloves
· Ensure your name and address is on your gear to prevent confusion
· Camera
· Safety pins for your bib numbers (approximately 6)


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