Training Rides with Max, Joy, Bruce and Spinning at Kelly McQueen’s

April 9, 2008

Getting ready for the ride is a good idea. I went spinning with Kelly McQueen. Here is a link to her class schedule. I lost 30 pounds and got more fit than I had been since I was a boy! It was also fun!

Getting the feel of the bike again is also very important. Bruce McPherson is our bike trainer

He starts the season this Saturday at 10:00 am from Joe Ghiz Park (this will be a weekly ride) and will start on Tuesday 5:45 PM from Joe Ghiz park ( also Weekly)

Joy and Max will ride from Joe Ghiz Park Sundays at 6 am. We cannot change a tire or push you and your bike up a hill as Bruce can, but the conversation is always good and more than likely snacks will happen – Max