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Here is the link to the main Tip to Tip site where you can register, pay and find out all about the ride


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  1. Tara Stewart says:

    Hello inspirational energetic folk! 😀
    My connection to Adam and Rosemond has led me here. I’m organizing a run for May 31st on “Adam’s Way”, raising money for Free the Children, specifically for the Masai Mara area of Kenya. I was a part of CBC’s show No Opportunity Wasted last fall and got to go to Kenya, work in the Mara helping build a well, among other things. I came home with so much new knowledge and ambition. I became entirely amazed by a 15-year-old girl named Maddie Babineau, who reminded me so much of Adam. She too was so much about helping others, especially those in need in Africa. She took the wish she got from the Children’s Wish Foundation and gave it away, giving it to a community in rural Kenya, so kids could have a school and a well. She too passed away from cancer, just a couple of weeks after Adam.
    Sitting with Rosemond a couple of weeks ago, and starting to plan my event to help keep Maddie’s dream going, I mentioned how I was struggling with a location. I mentioned how much I love the trail in St. Peters, and Rosemond then told me about the plans for “Adam’s Way”. It was one of those moments where we both knew it was the perfect spot. So – my event is in memory of both both Maddie and Adam. I’ve set up an email account, for anyone who might be interested. It’s Rosemond, myself and some other friends walked the St. Peters trail on the weekend and I just know Adam would be proud of what you’re doing and would be pleased with how we’re making a new connection with the Mad 4 Maddie ~ Run Like You’re MAD event. I wanted to let all of you know this is happening, with your connections to Adam and your desire to help those in Africa. 😀
    Good luck with the training and we’ll see you on the trails! 😀

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